House of Baulch is built on an enduring love for design and a never ending obsession with the creative process.

Every piece that is brought into being is an original and our ranges are produced in limited runs to ensure that every piece is a collectible classic. As always we manufacture ethically, with a consideration for those who are involved in this process and with respect for the environment that we live in. All pieces not made in our Melbourne workshop are produced with small makers and factories where we can ensure that the quality and craftsmanship is of the highest standard.

As a designer I create pieces that I would like to wear myself according to my own thematic and artistic interests, which are diverse and plentiful. I constantly find inspiration in the work of designers, artists and cultural mavins both contemporary and historical, from a variety of different fields of practice spanning art, fashion, architecture, music and pop culture.

I have relished the years I have spent in the world of fashion and design, including but by no means limited to my degree in gold and silver smithing and my 5 years as the jewellery designer for the accessories label Mimco in its wonderful formative years.

I love sourcing materials from around the world, investigating different methods of production, from the industrial to the individually hand made, and I relish the process of starting with the seed of an idea and nurturing it into a resolved and inspirational material reality.

I truly believe in the universality of good design and it gives me great pleasure to see others wearing, enjoying and interpreting my pieces in their own unique sartorial way.

Kathryn Baulch
Founder and creative director of the House of Baulch